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It’s alright to be independent and in a very fulfilling relationship!

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He’s always asking, “Do you need anything in that store? Because I’ve been on my own for a very long time, I have gotten used to a certain routine. My husband is very clean, so I feel like a slob compared to him.

” A man who wants to take me shopping and doesn’t expect anything in return? This independent lady has to speak up and say, “I need to do things my way sometimes.” It may sound funny, but it works. Although I appreciate his tidiness, there are times I leave the house a mess just to do things my way.

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About the Author: Suzanne Muller-Heinz Suzanne Muller-Heinz is a global Dating & Love Life Coach with a special talent for helping smart singles figure out the formula to having a tender, thoughtful and healthy relationship.

Doing this will give you solace and answers that you need to feel more secure. Be Clear It’’s also important to be clear on your end of the conversation. What do you want them to know before you begin your time apart? Stay Grounded Stay in touch with your core and be the best self you have.

How do you want them to remember you while they take some space? Stay true to your integrity through being honest, kind, strong, and respectful. Respect Their Boundaries When they say they don’t want to text, don’t text.

If you are out there and are someone who is individualistic, perhaps you can’t imagine being in a relationship or married. I have been independent and on my own pretty much my whole life. I didn’t want to get into a partnership if I was going to lose myself.

A true partnership is one of the most beautiful things in the world; yet, I still have a tendency to behave as if I were alone.

Just because I am married now doesn’t mean it’s easy. It allows me some time to think and listen to my subconscious. No one came to my rescue me if I didn’t have enough money to pay a bill or ran a little short.

Various studies have found that older adults are the fastest growing segment of online-dating services. So if you're looking for love, this can be an ideal option.

Many of us have encountered the “I need space” talk with romantic partners.

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Take Care Of Yourself Take advantage of the free time and energy to invest in your other relationships, friendships, family, work, and play.

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