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Each song sounds gargled and twitchy, run through a filter of back-of-the-throat gak.

And yet the choice here is if only because it was recorded in Berlin, where Bowie and Iggy went to clean up, trading powder for midgets and sex clubs and random Prussian decadence.

The Dead Boys owned CBGB for a while, trading on their combination of anthemic stupidity, surly brilliance, and rivers of cheap booze.

Listening to this album is like soaking in bourbon-flavored Palmolive: an absolute joy. Bobby Fuller – Most famous for the early-sixties hit “I Fought The Law”, which has been covered by every punk band in history, and which he originally recorded (but was actually written by Sonny Curtis–who wrote the theme to the ), The Bobby Fuller Four’s “Let Her Dance” is a genius example of throwback fifties rock run through an echo chamber of surf-reverb.

The fact that Davis was aware that Jimi Hendrix was repeatedly dalliancing with his wife (the Funk/Diva legend Betty Davis) must have had an affect on the direction of his groove. In any case, this is an absolute monster of an album, an unrepentant middle finger to jazz snobs, and a down-on-the-corner statement that throbs and wobbles and ultimately refuses to resolve itself in any context.

It’s one of the most towering musical statements of the 20th century, a composition of 70’s black street life, the madness, the drugs, the hustle, the humanity. It sounds like every 15-year-old’s room in 1970–black lights, bongs, riffs, solos and Zap-boogie arrangements with plenty of guitar noodling to shore up the tweaked lyrics.

The effect is both intoxicating and disconcerting, like the best moments of being high in any context.

Curt Kirkwood sings like a wounded squirrel, his piercing warble the perfect compliment to the desert-inflected marching cowpunk anthems.Whether Cale continued to abuse white lines, or just sound like he did, this album is like a sunny afternoon in a hammock with a beautiful girl, a joint, and decades of easy living ahead.Cale’s signature laid back virtuosity is in evidence track-by-track.Either through orgasm or chemical rush, Cochran’s raspy bass voice and “fuck ’em all” lyrics lit an intoxicating pyre under the first 50’s wave of rockabilly crossovers, which were absolutely dripping with the primal frustration and random anger unmatched by later, more overtly sexual acts. The Replacements – is a grim slog through the wreckage of the band that is austere and revealing in turns.Cochran’s filthy twang, which ruled the radio waves when panties were still pure, can be heard in nearly every rock band since, from Led Zeppelin to the White Stripes, decades of ready bobby-soxers mainlining shuffle rhythm to get their rocks off. It’s pre-rehab but post-realization, a dissipated reprieve where stock must be taken and hard decisions made.

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  1. Especially when we feel insecure, we tell people way too much about us. The feminists are going to hate me on this one, but I think “I am woman, hear me roar” has done us a disservice in the dating department. If you go to his house on the first date instead of him coming to pick you up, I have two words for you: booty call. He is not a girlfriend with whom you should spend hours on the phone. You can bet he isn’t sitting by the phone waiting for you to call. We get far too emotionally attached when sex is in a relationship, but men don’t view this the same way. They don’t even stop to consider whether or not they even like the guy. Show up, have fun and if it works out, great, if not, on to the next one.