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Free naughty chat no credit cards

It provides straightforward, transaction-based business banking, giving you and your business time to establish a credit and trading record.Update Oct 2014 : Natwest has now removed all information relating to the Foundation account from their website.You might be asked some tough questions about your business, so make sure you know your stuff inside out.If you have previous CCJs, and can't open a business bank account with your existing bank, the If you're starting your first business and have no trading history, or if you have a poor credit history, our Foundation Account could be just what your business needs.Barclays is known to be particularly accommodating if you are a current account customer, and a new account can usually be opened within 10 days.To avoid an unnecessary credit check, arrange an appointment with one of their business advisers, explain your situation and ask for their opinion on the chances of you successfully opening an account.

The bad news is that the register is only up dated twice yearly (Spring/Autumn) and it can take credit referencing agencies up to two months to update their records once the register is published.

You don't have to be a Cambridge MBA to create a decent business plan, you can get advice and support from Business Link (now part of, as well sample business plans.

The most important aspect here is to base your plan around solid financial forecasts and projects giving both you and your new bank an idea of the business' potential. It will flag up any potential issues in your credit history and allow you to get them sorted out before applying for your business bank account.

Yes, you may just want a simple business account, and have no intention of obtaining credit, but banks will be assessing your business' potential to make them money.

Once you are satisfied that your credit report is order (as much as it can be), and you've got at least a basic business plan prepared complete with financial projections, you're ready to apply for a business a bank account.

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Tip: If you have and outstanding balances on credit cards, store cards, or overdraft, it's best to clear these (if you can) at least three months before making your application.

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