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It will be argued that human empathy involves several components: affective arousal, emotion understanding and emotion regulation, each with different developmental trajectories Empathy is unusual in the animal kingdom.So empathy must have had some major survival benefits for it to have evolved. Empathy seems to have evolved in three major steps.Another main theme of Draytons speech was children.

This is very different from the pattern among fish and reptile species, most of which make their way in life alone.

He explains the difference: Implicit in the idea of conflict resolution is that conflict is a problem.

I view conflict as a message and really the choice is to either receive the message or ignore it.

If we label conflict or violence as bad, then politically that is so handy because what we do is condemn the frustrated expressions of anger and powerlessness by those who are most marginalized.

Here's a good article about Restorative Justice and Restorative Circles.

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Letting a giant conglomerate call the shots, is that empathy? He emphasized the social entrepreneurs ability for empathy.