Dating the book of judges

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Paul Pressler, former Texas judge and religious right leader, accused of sexually assaulting teen for years.A lawsuit filed this fall alleges that Paul Pressler, a former state judge, lawmaker and leader on the religious right, repeatedly sexually assaulted a young man over a period of decades, beginning when the boy was just 14.In a November court filing, Pressler “generally and categorically [denied] each and every allegation” in Rollins’ petition.The abuse, which consisted of anal penetration, took place in Pressler’s master bedroom study, the suit alleges.According to the lawsuit, Pressler told Rollins he was “special” and that the sexual contact was their God-sanctioned secret.The Talmud calls the Book of Judges, "the Book of the Straight." Why?Whenever the Jews abandon God, the repercussions are immediate: And they forsook the God of their fathers and they went after other gods.

These negative events always served as wake-up call and would only intensify if ignored until they reached the level where they were impossible to ignore.

The Book of Judges describes a key battle with the Canaanites led by Sisera.

On the eve of the battle, Barak is doubtful that Israel's warriors could ever beat such a strong opponent but Deborah stands firm.

When bad things happen to Jews, it is never by chance.

It is always a consequence of Jewish actions, and therefore, the remedy is never to deal solely with the external threat.

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