Christian dating northamptonshire

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Christian dating northamptonshire

Visitors can walk the entire length of the dyke following the Offa's Dyke Path.

Only the outline of Winchester's Old Minster still remains, although it was fully excavated in the 1960s.

From the remains of fortified towers to elegant churches and early Christian crosses, we have scoured the land to bring you the finest Anglo-Saxon sites in Britain.

Most of these remains are in England, although a few can be found on the Welsh and Scottish borders, and all of the sites date from between 550 AD to 1055 AD.

As such, we have included a feedback form at the bottom of the page so you can let us know if we’ve missed any out.

It is also set within a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with Canterbury Cathedral and St Augustine's Abbey.

This rather gruesome burial site contains the remains of 13 criminals, 10 of which had been decapitated for their crimes.

The skulls of these decapitated corpses were also found nearby, albeit without their cheekbones as these were thought to have decayed whilst the heads were displayed on poles.

Specifically, it was designed to protect the ancient Icknield Way which was a key line of communication and transport at the time.

Built by King Alfred the Great as part of his military reforms, this ancient sea fort sits almost 100 metres above the sea and would have acted as a defensive measure against marauding Vikings coming down the Bristol Channel.

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You can use our interactive map below to explore the individual sites, or scroll down the page for a full list.